Interface Channel

  • public interface Channel
    • Method Detail

      • close

        void close()
      • getVoices

        Voice[] getVoices()
      • getChannelName

        String getChannelName()
      • getVoiceName

        String getVoiceName()
      • setVoice

        void setVoice​(String name)
      • speak

        long speak​(String text,
                   Channel.Listener listener,
                   int relPitch,
                   int relRate,
                   boolean cancelPrevious)
        Synthesize speech with sending the result to speakers directly. This methods is always executed asynchronously returning control to the caller immediately. Partial implementation may ignore listener argument, if it doesn't supports notifying about finishing the work (synthesizing a speech and its complete playing in computer speakers).
        text - A text to speak
        listener - A listener object to catch the moment of finishing the speaking (may be null and may be ignord)
        relPitch - Relative value of desired pitch (0 means to use default)
        relPitch - Relative value of desired rate (0 means to use default)
        cancelPrevious - Cancel previous text to speak, if there is any
        An identifier of the accepted task
      • speakLetter

        long speakLetter​(char letter,
                         Channel.Listener listener,
                         int relPitch,
                         int relRate,
                         boolean cancelPrevious)
      • silence

        void silence()
      • getSynthSupportedFormats

        AudioFormat[] getSynthSupportedFormats()