Interface Lang

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    public interface Lang
    The interface for classes implementing national languages. This interface has necessary operations to make environment comfortable for people speaking on some particular language. If you would like to add support of some new foreign language, you certainly should start with this interface.
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      • getStaticStr

        String getStaticStr​(String id)
        Provides some statically stored string on corresponding national language. This method should process values related to environment itself, rather than taking care about particular applications.
        id - The identifier of the string
        Requested string or null, if id is unknown
      • hasSpecialNameOfChar

        String hasSpecialNameOfChar​(char ch)
        Provides some language-dependent name of the character in one or several words.
        ch - The character to get name of
        The name of the given character
      • pastTimeBrief

        String pastTimeBrief​(Date date)
      • getNumberStr

        String getNumberStr​(int count,
                            String entities)