Interface Popup

  • All Superinterfaces:
    Area, HotPoint, Lines
    All Known Implementing Classes:
    CommanderPopup, ContextMenu, DisksPopup, EditableListPopup, EditListPopup, FilePopup, FormPopup, ListPopup, ListPopup2, ListPopupBase, SimpleEditPopup, YesNoPopup

    public interface Popup
    extends Area
    Provides all necessary additional data about the area shown to user in model mode. The popups in Luwrain are the areas of a special type which main distinguish is that their appearance initiates new instance of the message loop. The popups can be shown as a single method invocation but since that freezes processing of input and environment events this feature is implemented with launching new temporary copy of event loop procedure. So the key attribute is a flag which signals that new event loop can be stopped. If the popup object is prepared its real start should be done with Luwrain.popup() method.