Interface Application

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    App, App, App, App, AppBase, ControlPanelApp, Desktop, RegistryApp, Simple

    public interface Application
    A general interface for objects suitable for running in LUWRAIN as an application. Applications in LUWRAIN are objects which provide some interactive features to users. They offer a set of interactive areas forming a working space.

    The application instance is created by some client code with only very preliminary initialization. Main initialization happens in onLaunchApp() method when a reference to Luwrain object obtained. This object is used for access to core features and as an identifier of an particular application instance.

    Each application class may have multiple instances running simultaneously. However, LUWRAIN core can maintain so called mono applications, which support only one instance at any given time (for example, it is pointless to have multiple running instances of a control panel). If the application is required to be a mono application, it must implement MonoApp interface instead.

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