Class NavigationArea

    • Constructor Detail

    • Method Detail

      • onHome

        protected boolean onHome​(InputEvent event)
      • onEnd

        protected boolean onEnd​(InputEvent event)
      • onAltHome

        protected boolean onAltHome​(InputEvent event)
      • onAltEnd

        protected boolean onAltEnd​(InputEvent event)
      • onMoveDown

        protected boolean onMoveDown​(InputEvent event)
      • onMoveUp

        protected boolean onMoveUp​(InputEvent event)
      • onMoveRight

        protected boolean onMoveRight​(InputEvent event)
      • onMoveLeft

        protected boolean onMoveLeft​(InputEvent event)
      • onPageDown

        protected boolean onPageDown​(InputEvent event)
      • isBlockBoundLine

        protected boolean isBlockBoundLine​(int index,
                                           String line)
      • getNextBlockLine

        protected int getNextBlockLine​(int startFrom)
      • onPageUp

        protected boolean onPageUp​(InputEvent event)
      • getPrevBlockLine

        protected int getPrevBlockLine​(int startFrom)
      • onAltRight

        protected boolean onAltRight​(InputEvent event)
      • onAltLeft

        protected boolean onAltLeft​(InputEvent event)
      • announceLine

        public void announceLine​(int index,
                                 String line)
      • getNewHotPointX

        public int getNewHotPointX​(int oldHotPointY,
                                   int newHotPointY,
                                   int oldHotPointX,
                                   String oldLine,
                                   String newLine)
      • reset

        public void reset​(boolean announce)
      • redraw

        public void redraw()
        Redraws content and updates hot point position.
      • setHotPoint

        public void setHotPoint​(int x,
                                int y)
        Sets the hot point to the new position. The provided coordinates are adjusted to real area size and the user may not take care about exceeding area bounds.
        x - The x coordinate of the new position
        y - The y coordinate of the new position
      • getValidLineCount

        protected int getValidLineCount()
      • getLineNotNull

        protected String getLineNotNull​(int index)
      • defaultLineAnnouncement

        public static void defaultLineAnnouncement​(ControlContext context,
                                                   int index,
                                                   String line)