Class EditCorrectors.IndentationCorrector

    • Method Detail

      • splitLine

        public MultilineEdit.ModificationResult splitLine​(int pos,
                                                          int lineIndex)
        Description copied from interface: MultilineEdit.Model
        Splits the specified line at the specified position. This method removes on the line all the content after the specified position and puts the deleted fragment on new line which is inserted just after modified. If the position is given outside of the stored text, the behaviour of this method is undefined.
        Specified by:
        splitLine in interface MultilineEdit.Model
        splitLine in class EditUtils.EmptyCorrector
        pos - The 0-based position to split line at
        lineIndex - The 0-based index of the line to split
        The fragment moved onto newly inserted line
      • getIndent

        protected int getIndent​(int lineIndex)
      • deleteIndent

        protected boolean deleteIndent​(int lineIndex)
      • addIndent

        protected boolean addIndent​(int lineIndex,
                                    int len)
      • getTabLen

        protected int getTabLen()