Nightly releases

In order to make our development process transparent and smooth, we support publishing of nightly releases. You can find them at the following addresses:

Files of nightly releases

Each nightly release consists of several components; you can find their descriptions below with the direct links to the corresponding file of the most recent version:

  • <a href="<?php echo lwr_nightly_latest_date();?>.zip">luwrain-windows-64bit: 64-bit version for Microsoft Windows
  • <a href="<?php echo lwr_nightly_latest_date();?>.zip">luwrain-windows-32bit: 32-bit version for Microsoft Windows
  • <a href="<?php echo lwr_nightly_latest_date();?>.tar.gz">luwrain-linux-64bit: 64-bit version for GNU/Linux
  • <a href="<?php echo lwr_nightly_latest_date();?>.tar.gz">luwrain-nightly: the source code

Download the checksum file in the SHA1 format for consistency checking.

Although we call these releases nightly, this doesn't mean that releases must be published exactly once a day. Sometimes we take pauses, especially if having a work affecting the core. The binary files present only for three the most recent versions.

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