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Our source code is easily accessible through  a set of Git repositories on All of these repositories are listed here in several categories with brief comments. Please note that there is the lwr-checkout script in base.git which clones all repositories necessary to compile our distribution.

All repositories are divided onto several categories. The belonging to the particular category is dependnt on the visibility rules for the classes inside. The classes in the repositories of the category "Major components" are exported to all applications and to the implementation of the national standards. The classes of system-dependent repositories are not accessible, except of the implementation of national standards. The classes of the central repositories luwrain.git and base.git are accessible in any extension, application and component. The code of the repository interaction-javafx is loaded by the LUWRAIN core and not available elsewhere at all.

Core repositories

Main applications

Auxiliary repositories

Other applications

OS-dependent code

System services

We have these repositories, but in fact almost don't work on them at the moment. Only VoiceMan goes to our ISO images as a speech server, all other repositories are listed here mostly for discussions

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