Terms of use

The LUWRAIN Project is committed to the absolute right of blind people to have free access to the information technologies and digital services. The source code created and published by the members of our team is allowed to be used under the terms of the GNU General Public License ver. 3. In addition, we kindly ask you to respect the following terms:

  1. The LUWRAIN trademark. The trademark "LUWRAIN" is registered in the Russian Federation. We do not allow to distribute any proprietary products and do not allow to publish any commercial services associated with LUWRAIN in any way.
  2. Proprietary components. LUWRAIN may include few proprietary components. Mostly of them are created in collaboration with our partners. Due to various reasons we are unable to open their source code, but their presence do not impose any restrictions on LUWRAIN use either for commercial or non-commercial purposes.
  3. Third-party libraries. LUWRAIN includes a number of third-party libraries, each of them may have its own license. All of them allow commercial and non-commercial use with publishing their source code.
  4. Java Runtime Environment. Some of LUWRAIN distributions include Oracle Java Runtime Environment (JRE). We distribute JRE according to the following permission by the Oracle corporation:

To run your application, a user needs the Java SE Runtime Environment, which is freely available from Oracle. Or, you can redistribute the Java SE Runtime Environment for free with your application, according to the terms of the Oracle Binary Code License Agreement for the Java SE Platform Products.

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