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There are so many screen readers, why do you do all of this?

The solutions based on screen reading utilities indeed are very old and deeply researched, meantime, the fraction of the blind who feel themselves absolutely confident with information technologies isn't very high. In Russia this group has around 10% of the blind people of the country, whereas the group of people who use the Internet constantly is estimated as 80%.

If I install LUWRAIN, must I uninstall the screen readers I already have?

No. LUWRAIN can be nicely used in conjunction with other screen reading software.

Is there LUWRAIN version for mobile phones?

Not yet, we work on it and appreciate any help.

Why is LUWRAIN suggested for education, if, apparently, it's rational to learn the widely popular systems?

It's rational to learn how  understand any new system which the user is required to start work on. We can see a lot of user interfaces at the moment, it' s reasonable to expect more of them in the close future. When the student graduates the university, the version of Microsoft Windows which he or she is used to work on will get already outdated.

How does the browser in LUWRAIN work?

We use JavaFX component javafx.scene.web.WebEngine, which supports JavaScript and gives access to the DOM structure of the loaded page. This component is based on the WebKit engine. WebKit goes as an engine for some popular browsers, for example for Google Chrome.

Can LUWRAIN users create their own scripts to customize the system?

Yes. LUWRAIN has the integrated support of users extensions on JavaScript. You can find here more information about this.

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