Why is LUWRAIN different than other accessibility solutions?

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The major difference between LUWRAIN and other software which at first approach does the same things is that LUWRAIN is not a screen reading utility; LUWRAIN is a platform for the creation of apps which aren't supposed to be controlled visually (including the applications in the area of "Internet Of Things"), although support of blind indeed is one of the most important goals of our project.

The nature of a platform makes possible the creation and distribution of apps which were absent previously; with LUWRAIN everybody can do this in a very cheap way. For example, in education tasks it is better to have a solution flexibly adjustable for current and future requirements than to adjust the education process itself to permanently changing and very unstable screen reading software without any guarantee that tomorrow you will not get new tasks incompatible with usual accessibility utilities. With LUWRAIN, commercial companies can create and offer the clients for the access to their services which will be easily understandable by the blind, and LUWRAIN takes care that these apps will be not only understandable, but comfortable as well for the users.

becides that, developing a platform we get a possibility to research the better ways of the interaction without involving an eyesight and the corresponding applications of a design. We think of a design as of ways to get maximum efficiency of interaction with PCs; its roots can be found in representation of information in form highly adapted for the perception without an eyesight.

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