Compiling nightly releases

It's very easy to get our nightly build compiled the same way as we do when we publish them on this website. We always do this on GNU/Linux system using Java SE 1.8. So, if you would like to get through this process too, you need to have GNU/Linux distro (preferably Ubuntu) with general set of utilities for Java development. Roughly these utilities must include:

  • javac
  • ant
  • git
  • bash
  • wget
  • zip
  • md5sum
  • sha1sum

if you have all of this, we can go ahead. Just do the following steps to do our nightly build:

  1. Download our _lwr-nightly_script by the link below
  2. Make it executable
  3. Run it
  4. Find the files in the newly created temporary directory

It's all! So, lwr-nightly script is available here:

Once you get it downloaded, make it executable and run it:

chmod 755 lwr-nightly


On its start this script writes the path to the temporary directory, where it does all work and where you can find the result when everything is finished. Tar and Zip archives, as well as MD5 and SHA1 checksums, probably, are the files you are expecting to get!

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