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LUWRAIN is a platform for the creation of easily distributable apps for blind and partially sighted people. The interface of LUWRAIN is significantly different in comparing with that which is brought to users by screen readers. It helps to work rapidly with elimination of various drawbacks of an accessible GUI. In the meantime, LUWRAIN with its apps is capable of running on different operating systems and in different forms. If you are a user of Microsoft Windows or GNU/Linux, you are welcomed to start using LUWRAIN as a usual application. If you don't have an installed OS yet (for example, you are looking for an OS for a laptop), you can try our Linux-based ISO image. If you even don't have a PC at all, but it's necessary to find an option, please consider purchasing a Raspberry Pi and installing LUWRAIN on it.

Work in imagination

LUWRAIN builds a special interface which comprises several types of aural elements, including regular text, sound icons and context sounds.


The core of the LUWRAIN platform is a set of Java classes implementing different widgets and other types of elements, designed for the creation of an interface for the blind.

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