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What is LUWRAIN?

Our project LUWRAIN develops the information technologies (IT) which aren't supposed to be controlled by users visually (meaning that the screen of a PC or a mobile device isn't a main way of bringing information to the user). Our work consists of several major parts:

  1. Developing the platform for the creating and distributing of apps which can be used without an eyesight
  2. Developing two categories of apps for our platform:
  3. General purposed apps for everyday using, including clients for popular Internet services
  4. Education apps for children with the eyesight problems
  5. Research of the user interface (UI) and the semantic structures to be accessible through speech
  6. Research of technologies for cheap transforming of materials (basically for education) into the form suitable for reading without an eyesight
  7. Creating Daisy books for publishers and education organizations

The software for people with eyesight difficulties is a important part of LUWRAIN, however the purposes of our work is not restricted by accessibility technologies only. We see that the very small fraction of blind people feel themselves absolutely free using PCs; LUWRAIN is intended to change this situation making IT more comfortable and friendly without involving eyesight in interaction process. As well we support research in the areas of clinical psychology to better understand the nature of problems related to motivation and socialization of the blind.

At the moment we have two ways suitable for education of the blind: braille and using of IT. Braille remains a reliable method, but it doesn't suit all modern requirements. We work a lot on education apps and materials, including using of such publishing systems like Latex and Lilypond, since they are perfectly accessible to the blind. We welcome any contacts with business companies for research are there any ways for the blind to be hired there, with proposing corresponding education programs to the universities we work with to prepare specialists for future employment.

LUWRAIN isn't IT only, it's also a design and a lifestyle. Previously there was a lack of efforts aimed at maintaining the proper level of comfort of blind users, while it's easy to realize that this area is also suitable to be an application of design as graphical user interface (GUI). We work a lot to learn LUWRAIN to provide information in a really comfortable way for the perception of the blind. Our users must enjoy doing their work with LUWRAIN!

Technical details of LUWRAIN

LUWRAIN core is based on Java technologies. It makes possible the same behaviour regardless the operating system (OS) the user is running on his/her computer.

We also publish theUbuntu-based  ISO-image with our platform. This makes LUWRAIN using possible even in the case when the user doesn't have any OS installed on his/her computer at all. It's a very important thing, because LUWRAIN becomes suitable for installation on a PC without an eyesight and becomes a very convenient way to get into GNU/Linux for everybody with eyesight problems.

LUWRAIN is an Open Source Software. It's free of charge for any users and organizations who want to use it. In addition all companies are able to ensure that LUWRAIN doesn't have any backdoors.

We spend a lot of time for research in the following areas:

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