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"The territory of a compelling accessibility"

With accessible toolkit LUWRAIN, blind and visually-impaired people have a new way to be involved in the incredible world of information technologies. LUWRAIN doesn't take a lot of time to learn, and aims to be useable on laptops, as well as desktop computers. You can treat our new idea as one more solution for everyone who needs a reliable and accessible companion for various types of work. The product is designed as a new platform for creating speech-enabled applications with a set of standard tools for easy access to web services, mail, news reading, etc.

LUWRAIN is a set of software components on Java for accessible user interface construction. In contrast with widely popular screen reading solutions for graphical desktops, which actually are designed for control through a mouse and other pointing devices useful only for sighted users, LUWRAIN brings the information in the most suitable for the perception of blind people form. That means that the LUWRAIN user will always spend significantly less time than in an adapted GUI. We have created our environment for people who enjoy working effectively and time-efficiently.

LUWRAIN can be with you everywhere! You may take it as a stand-alone operating system on Linux kernel and it will turn a laptop into elegant accessory for blind people. If you, your colleagues or members of your family need the operating system being already installed on your PC, you may take LUWRAIN just as an application. LUWRAIN will not require you to forbid the tools you used to work with previously and you can use it as a platform for creating and distributing accessible applications, even if you havn't any experience in this area.

LUWRAIN is a completely Free Software project, no fee is involved, and no restrictions of use and distribution exist, except in cases explicitly violating the terms of the GNU Public License ver. 3, as it was published by the Free Software Foundation. However, financial donations are still required to help us present our product across the world, and to introduce it to related social and distribution organizations. The team of developers hopes that LUWRAIN can increase the integration of disabled people into social life. Read more...

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