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Distribution for GNU/Linux

There are the releases which we recommend for running on GNU/Linux. They include Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and a speech synthesizer inside. The releases are prepared with all currently supported languages. Please be aware that there could be compatibility problems with the GNU/Linux system you are running, though we hope that our releases are suitable for the most of popular distributions. In the case of problems, you can try the version without JRE (see below), which contains a minimal set of system-dependent binary files. Clik on the direct link below to start downloading:

Version: 1.1.0

Date of release: February 1, 2018

Target platform: GNU/Linux (any distribution)

In addition we provide a special release for GNU/Linux containing all necessary LUWRAIN binary files, but without Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Choosing of this version can result in economy of your traffic for downloading, but you should take care of proper preparing JRE on your own. Clik on the direct link below to start downloading:

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