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The entire set of our products and services is concentrated around our platform LUWRAIN. With LUWRAIN platform, blind users can create their own accessible applications or run the applications created by our team or other people. The main distributions of LUWRAIN are free for use for everybody, since they are licensed under the terms of GPL v.3.

These options are for people who needs LUWRAIN for work. With the list below, you can find a binary distribution prepared for OS you have already installed or a ISO image suitable for running LUWRAIN as a stand-alone OS (in this case any previously installed OS is unnecessary).

Choose the most suitable form you need:

For developers and testers

The first option of this list is purposed for the developers of applications for LUWRAIN. Others can be useful only for developers who would like to improve LUWRAIN itself.

Host download.luwrain.org

Please be aware that you can visit the host download.luwrain.org directly as a single and easily observable place gathering all of our materials for download. Besides all, you can find there:

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